Frequenly Asked Questions

There is no Sign Up or Register button. Our platform is passwordless which means that you don't need to create any password of any kind. There are two ways to enter, one is sending a magic link to your email which enable you to get in within 1 hour or using a Metamask wallet. In both cases when you already enter you keep register if you are not. We recommend if you sign up with an email then associate a Metamask wallet and viceversa, if you sign up with a wallet enter an email to have both option to use your account.

On our platform we monthly and yearly subscriptions that you can pay with PayPal and we work with a credits that can be increased with different forms of payment like additional balance gained in events and promotions that we will debit daily. In this way, users have more control of how they spend and they have a chooise from the traditionals forms of payments like credit cards, PayPal, etc.